Passionate. Empathetic. Creative.

An actor, writer, filmmaker, ren faire-turned-DnD enthusiast, and storytelling-centric multipotentialite.


Skye McLaren Walton has appeared in several theatre productions. He is currently performing in Equus at Twilight Theater Company. His previous work includes Marat/Sade and The Maltese Bodkin at Twilight Theater Company, 36 Perfectly Appropriate Mealtime Conversations at HART Theatre, The Bacchae at Portland State University, as well as The Arabian Nights (Parts 1 & 2), and the American Premier of Usagi Yojimbo at Portland Community College. Skye has a Bachelor of Science in Theater Arts from Portland State University. He was born in California, but has lived in Portland, Oregon almost all his life and considers himself a native. Skye is a former co-founding member of the Bardy Boys and the Nancy Shrews, a traveling theatre troupe based in Beaverton, Oregon.


Skye McLaren Walton wants to live in a world where the arts are radical, respected, and revered.

When he's not acting, you can find him calling himself a freelance writer and world-building for this weekend's Dungeons and Dragons game. As a storyteller, Skye's been applauded on stage and he may or may not have bumped into you while prowling the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section at your local bookstore.